Miscellany #1 Some English Proverbs

1. Absence. Absence cools moderate passions, and inflames violent ones.

2. Absent. The absent are always at fault.

3. Absent. Long absent, soon forgotten.

4. Aching teeth. Who hath aching teeth, hath ill tenants.

5. Adversity. Adversity makes a man wise, not rich.

6. Adversity. Adversity tries friends.

7. Adversity. Adversity flattereth no man.

8. Advice. Give neither advice nor salt until you are asked for it.

9. Advice. What every one asks, what every one gives, but what very few take— advice.

10. Advice. In vain he craves advice who will not follow it.

Miscellany #1 Some English Proverbs

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