Where Count Nothing Face does my work for me

I had a post in the works on a similar subject to the one Count Nothing Face has written. The title was going to be “Where I begrudgingly argue for prostitution.”  Now I’m not sure Count Nothing Face would agree with me,  but I agree with him, and he made a complementary argument to the one I will make.

The left can call porn sexist, misogynist, or racist,  but we on the right have our own word for porn: degenerate. Indeed, how could anything defined as “the graphic depiction of vile whores,” be anything but degenerate? -Count Nothing Face

As Count Nothing Face argues porn is degenerate in that it is a depiction of whoring.  He continues:

What is a whore? A prostitute. What is a prostitute? Someone who engages in sexual activity for money. What does a porn star do? I think we can connect the dots here.

Sex has a function, a telos, and that function is both unitive and procreative. It’s purpose is to unite a man and a woman for the sake of building a family and contributing to their community. The pimp, the whore, the pornographer, and others one might sportively refer to as “sex workers” violate this function by reducing sex to a base transaction. As such, they have taken something sacred and made it profane. You would be hard-pressed to find a feminist, even one stridently opposed to pornography, willing to defend this conception of sex. -Count Nothing Face

Here’s where I will make a further distinction, as alluded to in the title of my unwritten post, if the telos of sex is “is both unitive and procreative. It’s purpose is to unite a man and a woman for the sake of building a family and contributing to their community”  then actual prostitution is closer to the telos of sex than pornography.  This is not to say it is necessarily less sinful, but that it introduces less dysfunction into humanity.  Pornography and prostitution both reduce the sacred to a “base transaction”, but prostitution actually involves sex, rather than a simulation.  Prostitution involves actual sex with an actual woman this maintains the connection between women and procreative simulation.  Porn removes the connection between women and simulation of sex.  It creates an association between sexual simulation and computers.  The fact that there are men who in the modern era say “I don’t need women” illustrates this point.  Unless a person was actually chaste, there would be no reason man would say “I don’t need women”in a world without porn.  By being close enough porn cheapens women by lowering demand (while sexual liberation increases supply).  This disrupts the typical life-path/model for men.  If sex is either cheap or there is a substitution good there is less reason to try.  As Ryan Landry has pointed out porn also removed the stigma of being seen with prostitutes either in the red light district or elsewhere.  By maintaining the connection between women and sex prostitution does less damage to the telos of sex.  Still as sinful, but less disruptive.

A post by Captain Capitalism points out the consequences of the disruption of the marriage market.

First, we have to ask ourselves what is the most important thing in life to humans?  Some will say riches, some will say wealth, some will say health, but those are all wrong answers.  The correct answer is “other humans.”  The reason why is that out of EVERYTHING on this planet, humans are the most interesting, entertaining, dynamic and intellectual things we’ll ever run into.For example, have the most advanced XBox video gaming system out there. It is still finite.  It is still non-sentient.  It cannot think, it cannot challenge you, and cannot engage you beyond what it is programmed to do.  It is limited.  The only reason it CAN challenge you (within the confines of what it’s programmed to) is because OTHER HUMANS programmed it that way.  Furthermore, what do most people with video games do to maximize their fun?  They go online and PLAY AGAINST OTHER HUMANS, suggesting it is human interaction, not a pre-programmed pixelated campaign to kill Nazi’s or zombies that provides genuine stimulation to people.

Another example – when do you cry?  Chances are when you ding your car or sell your boat, etc., you don’t cry.  But when a family member or a loved one dies, you cry.  Why?  Because a human is the only thing you can really love, as well as love you back.  You could even make the same case for pets in that pets, though not as advanced as humans, have some of the same characteristics.  They are not finite, they are not programmed, dogs certainly have personalities, they are dynamic (meaning they don’t do the same thing over and over again like a robot), and you can interact with them.  A Ferrari, you can’t.

In other words, have all the things you want.  Super computers, Ferrari’s, an awesome career, you name it, there is nothing more advanced and engaging that another human being.  It’s what we’re programmed to respond to, it’s what we’re programmed to be intellectually stimulated by, other humans are the most important thing in our lives.

Second, since human beings are the most important things in our lives, which ones mean the most to us?  Of course we don’t PERSONALLY KNOW every one of the 6 billion humans on the planet, but the ones that are important to us fall into three categories – family, friends and loved ones.


In general, the average man is going to love
His wife first.  Sometimes TIED with his children for first, which means HIS FAMILY comes first.
His children second
And parental-extented family TIED with friends for third.

This doesn’t mean he wouldn’t lay his life down for his friends.  This doesn’t mean he would abandon his friends once he found a woman (though that does happen).  This is just ordering these for the sake of intellectual discussion.

Regardless, the point is the single most important thing in a man’s life is his wife and children aka HIS FAMILY (not his parents, cousins, siblings, aunts, etc.)

Third, since a man’s wife and children are the most important things in life for him, how does a man go about getting a family?  He has to attract a woman to become his wife.  And how does he do that?

He goes out, kicks ass and takes names.

The “kicking ass” and “taking names” primarily manifesting itself in the form of economic production.

This means he goes to school, learns a trade, stays in shape, develops a personality, develops hobbies, invents, creates, innovates, invests, enriches himself and does everything within his power to increase his marketability to attract a woman.  In short he becomes the most powerful economically productive unit in all of society. -Captain Capitalism

So as we can see the incentive to be productive in a society for men, who are generally the majority of economic production anyway, is a good woman for marriage.  Now there are a bunch of other factors as Captain Capitalism notes:  being a good, well developed, moral person, in other words becoming worthy (and all that entails).   These are all things that were (and to lesser extent still are) helpful in obtaining the best sort of woman.  By degrading and cheapening women, porn and sexual liberation have done what the oldest profession in the world could not: destroy the profane incentives to become worthy.  This is not to say everyone before 1900 was a saint, but that even if they weren’t they were MORE likely to follow a eucivic, prosocial and productive path in life.  Nowadays it practically takes a saint to follow such a path.  It shouldn’t be this hard, or to put it another way there should be better rewards.

My conclusion however cynical is this: while the world would be a better place without prostitution and pornagraphy it would be only marginally better without prostitution while it would be infinitely better without porn (and sexual liberation).

And I relish the thought of sentencing to firing squad the pimps and pornographers who force women into these situations. That said, is it really so hard to believe that there are women who freely choose to be whores? Are they blameless for choosing to be whores? -Count Nothing Face

All that said, please go read the originals in full.  They are well  worth your time!




Where Count Nothing Face does my work for me

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