Notes #9 From Frost to NPR


Today on the radio I had the urge to listen to NPR.  I don’t know what inspired me to do so, but I’m glad I did.  I caught an interview segment and a very topical one at that.  The NPR journalist was interviewing Cubans in Florida.  Cubans in Florida are a perennial fascination for the media complex because of their abnormal political leanings, at least they are abnormal for Mestizos.  Typically Cubans vote majority Republican.  As was noted by NPR in recent years they have shifted left, to the point they vote 50-50.

NPR briefly mentioned children and recent immigrants and I would suspect that we are seeing the same sort of trends from Cuba as we see from the rest of the Mestizo immigrants.  The children of Cubans generation by generation are more and more connected with our culture OR should I say the Brahmin or Dalit culture and therefore become progressive or thuggish.  Recent immigrants, probably, are less likely to come from the upper and middle classes, and therefore are not fleeing communist tyranny but seeking a richer master.  That is my best guess on the reasons behind this shift.

The interview was with a seemingly Republican Cuban. Here is the transcript but I’ve selected the most interesting bits.  Apologies for the presentist content, I swear I will eschew it where possible.

GREENE: May I ask you about some of the allegations that have come out about sexual misconduct? A lot of women have come forward and said that they feel that they were sexually harassed by Donald Trump. He has denied this very strongly. But has any of that led you to doubt him?

RUIZ: Well, what I do find doubtful is at this point in his life, after 70 years and not a hint of any allegations from any of those women, it takes about four weeks before a presidential election for that to come out. It doesn’t make sense that there’s never been an allegation against him until he decided to run for president.

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Notes #9 From Frost to NPR

Notes #7 The Problems with Ideology


Ideology is the mind killer.  But if so what is it?  Our entire system seems to loath the ideological, yet how can one avoid something that’s not understood or even defined?  Most of the avoidance of ideology are merely the attempts to uphold the sacred neutral.  If one can set the frame of what is normal thought,”non-ideological” thought, then one can control thought patterns. To think non-neutral thoughts is to engage in a narrative about the world.  Often when stumbling blindly out of the mainstream, when we sense there is something wrong with normal, and subsequently we find convenient explanations for what is wrong all around us.

Often these systems of thought are quite powerful at explaining the world around us.  For the moderately intelligent among us, these systems of thought might even be internally consistent.  At the very least they are internally consistent with what we know about the world.  The power of ideology feeds pride, as one can divine insights (many indeed valid) that others would never think of.  Yet it is telling that on some of the stranger sections of the internet the phrase sheeple is used to describe normal people. The narrative follows: that there IT sits atop a throne to peer down upon the world.  The unwashed masses pass before IT without a clue as to what is going on.  They do not think, about well anything very deeply at least.  Maybe a thought or two about what they will do next, but to hardly about why and what they know about the world.  Yet here the ideologue has found the TRUTH but, like Cassandra, no one will listen.

There is some truth to this (there have been many Cassandras in history) and yet it misses the heart of the matter.  Pride at a rare truth misses the wonder of being humble before the unknown.  The derision of “sheeple” misses their rational and valued approach to life.  The political for all its pop-bang pizazz is something that a very successful person could go their entire life without needing to engage with.  Whether it feeds off pride or envy ideology seems to engage with our baser drives.  It is an appeal to win the race not by running but my moving the finish line.

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Notes #7 The Problems with Ideology